Register Embossing

One step closer to nature. The growing market demand for natural-looking material surfaces in the flooring and decorative film sector is unbroken. The depiction of rapport-containing wood, marble or stone embossing structures was previously not available in the inline process of film finishing. KKA has been able to analyze this complex in-register embossing process and to use the inherent elasticity of the film material to control the register. With this, KKA offers its customers the possibility of producing decorative films with an embossing structure that is true to the print image using existing or new embossing systems.

The basis of the process is the use of a defined stretch of material before entry into the embossing gap. The register monitoring and control takes place via the continuous, optical position detection of the print design in permanent alignment with the position of the embossing roller. Special know-how lies in the engineering of the material-specific process window and the optimal dimensioning of the embossing roll geometry. Experience that KKA has already successfully realized.