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Faithful to tradition but ready to shape the future

Knowledge, creativity, quality and a wealth of ideas – these are fundamentals that had always formed the guiding principles that presided over the long history of finishing machines within the Kleinewefers Group. They are now perpetuated; unified within KKA GmbH.

All our activities are based on and motivated by stable, long-term customer relationships. In developing, designing and manufacturing first class equipment components and plants we want to be a competent partner by helping you cope with the challenges you are facing.

Our aim is to flexibly react to your special requirements, provide comprehensive consulting and develop optimal solutions. 

The following timeline offers an overview of the corporate history of KKA GmbH. The world-famous KKA Kleinewefers Kunststoffanlagen brand originated as a former business division of the Kleinewefers Group which, following its establishment in 1862, can look back on a corporate history of more than 150 years.

  • 1977: Establishment of the plastic production facilities within the Kleinewefers Group upon the takeover of Briem und Dornbusch – which manufactured plastic finishing lines – by Ramisch Kleinewefers GmbH.
  • 1979: Expansion of the plastic production line product range through the acquisition of Zimmer Plastic, which produced plastics calenders.
  • 1993: Takeover of the plastics calender product range from Kraftanlagen Heidelberg (formerly Kraus-Maffei). Focussing of the plastic production line business division into Kleinewefers Kunststoffanlagen GmbH.
  • 1996: Takeover of the melt roll product range previously manufactured by Saueressig.
  • 2003: Integration of the plastic production line product range into the Kampf Group.
  • 2008: Acquisition by KKA GmbH of the surface finishing technology business division at the Meerbusch site, comprising plants and components for coating, printing, laminating, embossing and including calendering lines with a maximum of three calender rolls.
  • 2011: Transfer of the Meerbusch site to the company's headquarters in Weißandt-Gölzau.