Melt-Roll Calendering

The technology used for the KKA melt roller calenders emerged more than 55 years ago and has been continuously advanced and refined since then. In terms of mechanical and process engineering, the status quo of the MRC has been developed by KKA also on the basis of know-how from companies like "Zimmerplastic" and "Saueressig". Numerous turn-key plants delivered worldwide testify to this fact and the technology is perfectly complemented by KKA’s well-proven rotogravure printing, embossing, laminating and coating plants.

Coating plants operating with melt rollers can be used to produce a variety of products and widths from 1,300 – 5,500 mm. The plants can be optionally equipped with 2- or 3-roller calenders.

Application fields include coatings ranging from 80 to 2,000 g/m² of open and closed mesh or woven fabric, stitched fabric, knitted fabric, felts, nonwoven and paper with PVC, TPU, TPO (PP, PE), CPE, elastomers etc. Moreover, 3-roller calenders can also be used for film production, e.g. based on PVC, PVC/ABS or scrap with regrind material.

Key Features

  • coating weights: 120 – 2,000 g/m² (depending on roller and web width)
  • web width up to 5,500 mm
  • roller nip pressure up to 600 N/mm
  • production speed up to 100 m/min
  • roller temperature up to 230 °C


Fields of Application

  • floor coverings
  • covers for transport and utility
  • vehicles tarpaulins
  • roof liners
  • conveyor belts
  • advertising media (frontlit, backlit, blockout)
  • leisure products like tents, sunshades, awnings, etc.
  • textile architecture (roof constructions, etc.)
  • synthetic leather
  • non-slip mats
  • dashboard film
  • adhesive tapes for industrial and medical applications