Film Calendering

KKA’s machine and equipment concept, in conjunction with a complete knowledge of the products, enables calendering systems to be designed precisely to meet customers’ requirements, and therefore to fulfill market-specific needs. The highly developed, tried-and-tested technology is a guarantee of high availability, and therefore the basis of the KKA calenders’ performance. Part of the success that KKA has strived for and achieved with these machines is the excellent quality of the surfaces, the high throughput rates, and the minimal tolerance in the thickness of the films. Numerous standardized constructions and special editions are available, mainly for the production of:

  • U-PVC, TPO, PP rigid films
  • P-PVC, TPO soft films
  • PVC, TPO, linoleum flooring
  • TPU coatings


Calenders for the production of soft films.

Normally used for the production of films:

  • 4-Roller-F-Calanders

Additional Equipment: 

  • Embossing Station
  • Transverse Stretching Unit

Areas of use for soft films:

  • Office films
  • Wrapping films
  • Bags
  • Furniture films
  • Agricultural sheeting
  • Insulation and adhesive tapes


Calender for manufacturing rigid films.

The following calenders are normally used:

  • 4-roller L
  • 5-roller L and
  • 5-roller F

Additional Equipment:

  • Embossing Station
  • Longitudinal Stretching Unit
  • Various in-line Quality Control Devices
  • Roller Quick-Change Mechanisms

Areas of use for rigid films:

  • Packaging Foils: Food, Technical Products, Pharmaceutical Films, Box Films
  • Stretch Films
  • Stationary Films
  • Furniture Films
  • Printing Films
  • Card Films (credit cards, customer cards etc.)
  • Building Films