Winding & Converting

Winding & Converting

Automatic Winder

The KKA automatic winder portfolio offers a range of nonstop winding technology for continuous operation of the production lines. Depending on the product requirement, each winder is configured and made to order. A wide variation of system components such as cross cutters, slitting systems, take-off components, adapted material- and winding-shaft handling and turreting contact rollers result in optimum winding quality.

The basis for an effective nonstop production plant is, in addition to a fully automatic roll change, intelligent solutions for productive roll handling for loading and unloading the winder.

Excerpt of different equipment variants:

  • tangential cutting systems
  • strapping systems with flying knife or guillotine cut
  • driven contact roller
  • turreting contact roller
  • cantilevered winding system without winding shaft handling