HiDry (High-performance Dryer) – the new generation of effective dryers for coated materials. Short-wave radiation in combination with convective hot air systems guarantee a maximum drying capacity even for temperature- and tension sensitive materials.

The combined energy transport to the material effects the drying speed for high coating weights and therefore is the ideal drying process even for difficult drying procedures. The good performance is a result of the absorption- and transmission capacity of the films and coating systems within the short-wave infrared light range. The good “team play” between films, substrates, coating systems, pigments as well as the operation method of the radiators HiDry achieves a high capacity resulting in optimum product quality and high production speeds.

Key Features

  • High solvent evaporation rate across coating layer
  • Low solvent diffusion into substrate
  • Low mechanical stress to web
  • Maximum solvent concentration in exhaust air